Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu Back From the Dead

This is one story Christians loved as much as the stories in the Bible. I've came across this story many years ago and it kept resurfacing every now and then. When I googled it, many Christian websitesblogs and YouTube video clips of various languages carried this story. They claimed this is a 'remarkable' story. It's amazing that Christians will embraced a lie blindly if it fits their ideology.

The story claimed that Paulu was a Buddhist monk but like the story, it's part of the lie. Paulu resurrected after being dead for three days which only found in unproven stories. Being dead for three days and then resurrected is no longer a story to be accepted blindly in modern society. According to the story, Paulu's body was decomposing when he came back to life. Is this possible in reality? There isn't any medical report on these event although it's supposed to happened not too long ago. This is a strong evidence that the story is a lie. Scientists all over the world would have rushed to inspect him physically if it is true.

Let's see why Paulu is never a Buddhist monk. In the story, when Paulu became a monk, he was given a name U Nata Pannita Ashinthuriya. According to a Myanmar Buddhist, novice monk is given the title ‘shin’ instead of ‘U’. This shows that Paulu is never a monk before, if he is telling the story, or the Christian behind this story has no knowledge about the titles when he wrote it.

Paulu was later said to be infected with Yellow Fever and malaria at the same time which eventually caused his death. It is said that Yellow Fever is never known to exist in Burma. Travelers need to have a Yellow Fever certificate if they are traveling from infected countries. These are telltale signs of a made up story.

Paulu said he was in a Christian hell with lake of fire but surprise, there is a king of Hell named Yama. Why is his name is not Lucifer or Satan. Yama is the name of the King of Hell in Eastern religions. So what the hell is Yama doing in a Christian hell? Oh, he has become a Christian and he is evangelizing in Hell! He believed in Jesus Christ and he's saved. But since he's saved, what the hell is he still in Hell. Oh yeah, he's now working in a Christian hell. Christians who believe this story have to believe there is a Christian king of Hell called Yama.’s a secret not told in the church before.

Paulu also said that his former leader, U Zadila Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw, a famous monk who had died in a car accident in 1983. It is pointed out by the Myanmar Buddhist that U Zadila actually died in 1977. That’s the same year Paulu claimed to be a monk. How could he had mistaken the year his leader died since it's also the same year he became a monk? This is one of the evidence that this story was invented.

This Paulu is also a joker. He described there were rich and poor people cooking and preparing to have their meal in the lake of fire. This is something new about Christian hell. I've never heard story of people living as a community in a Christian hell before. Then there is a need to stoke the fires beneath the lake of fire, to keep it hot! This is so funny and so fake. I wonder those Christians who promote this story as real have any intelligence or not.

Anyway, since there is no Judgment Day yet,  why are the non-believers sent to Hell? In Christian belief, non-believers will only be sent to Hell after Judgment Day. This Paulu story gives rise to more questions than winning converts. At best, it's just a mental masturbation for the evangelists.

In my conclusion, this Christian story has out rightly insulted Buddha, Sangha, Buddhists and our intelligence. Once again, it has proven that evangelical Christians will resort to lying, deceiving and slandering to win converts. The need to continue to create more fairy tales to sustain the myths they believed in really amuses me.

P.S. I've come to know about a refudiation of the story by a Christian organization.
"No one was able to give ANY form of authentication to the story. A number of leaders, including those who had been in Christian leadership in Mandalay, knew of no evidence to confirm any part of the story. Some of the Myanmar Christian leaders would very much like to know who the ‘several Burmese church leaders’are that AMO/Asia Harvest refers to as their sources for this story."

Note: It's very obvious Harvest was lying about the authenticity of this story.

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